Workplace Slips, Trips & Falls

Slips trips and falls are accidents that are incredibly easy to avoid if simple precautions are taken – yet account for the vast majority of accidents at work seen in the UK every year.

Common place actions could eliminate many trips and falls at work. Risk assessments can often identify what could cause a fall at work, enabling preventative measures such as anti-slip mats and floors, handrails and anti-slip tread to be installed. Adverse weather conditions, or other environmental factors, should also be factored in and taken into consideration by business owners, operators and managers.

Despite the ease with which such slips, trips and falls can be eliminated- they still happen at work. Although many of them can result in nothing more than a bruised ego – some can cause injuries, sometimes severe. Twisted ankles, back injuries, deep lacerations, sprains, shoulder damage and even concussion are just some of the injuries that can be received following a fall at work. Some injuries can also be longer lasting, such as damaged ligaments, head injuries, or broken bones.

Following an accident at work in which you tripped or fell, you could actually end up requiring lengthy or specialist medical care and treatment. Whilst recovering, physiotherapy might be needed. During the time that you are off work due to your injuries, your finances will suffer, bringing about unwelcome worries for your home and family life.


Accident At Work Legislation

Under health and safety legislation, and relevant employment regulations, employers owe their employees a duty of care. Part of that duty of care is that employers have legal obligations for the welfare and health and safety of their employees. As such, all and every precaution must be taken to eliminate the risk of personal injury at work- such as taking steps to ensure that the risk of slips, trips and falls are minimal. If that duty of care is breached resulting in an accident that was not your fault – then you could be eligible for compensation following your trip or slip at work, provided that it happened within the last three years.

Although no amount of compensation can ever replace good health, it can make matters easier. Indeed, receiving an apology from your employer for the accident, or receiving an admittance of their negligence, can also often go a long way.

Following a slip or fall at work that resulted in personal injury, the law is often in your favour. We at AccidentAtWorkClaims.Co specialise in helping people just like you.


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AccidentAtWorkClaims.Co fully understand the complexities of the legal system to the outsider, especially when making an accident at work claim against an employer. We seek to take the uncertainty and stress out of such legal proceedings by fully explaining all of your legal options, and keeping you updated at all times as to the progress of your trip, slip or fall case. We will handle your personal injury claim for you with professionalism and expertise, working hard to secure the best possible settlement for you following your accident at work.

At AccidentAtWorkClaims.Co, we also take most of our cases under a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA); better known as a ‘no win, no fee funding method, what that means is that you will not pay us anything until your claim is finally settled. So you have one less thing to worry about.

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