Toxic Substance Accidents & Injuries

As part of your daily working duties or routines, you might often regularly be exposed to substances, of all types, and in varied forms. In many cases, you are totally unaware of that exposure –or the affects. Those substances at work could range from dust, gases, fumes, gels, fumes, or cleaning equipment. In some industries, there are specific substances used regularly; cleaners and cleaning liquids or solvents, hairdressers and colourants, for example.

Despite precautions and checks to the contrary, many substances can actually be harmful to your health. Either directly or via side effects, exposure (either over time, or for some substances only a tiny amount) can have unwanted effects on your health. Those substances, in whatever form, can come into contact with skin or eyes, or might be inhaled accidentally. The nature of those toxic substances could be acidic or corrosive, causing damage to skin and tissue, or to internal organs if ingested. Some substances contain harmful micro-organisms that can result in infection, an allergic reaction, or just prove to be toxic.

Given how commonplace such substances can be in the workplace, it is unsurprising that many employees become ill from exposure to toxic substances in the workplace every year. The injuries are as many and varied as the substances themselves. Symptoms range from mild coughs, fevers or a temperature- to a serious illness or skin condition. Some illnesses might only last for a short period of time- but other conditions could give you long term ill health. For serious illnesses caused by toxic substances, lengthy medical treatment and attention can be needed. Even a minor illness derived from a toxic substance can result in time off work being needed. Whilst recuperating from the effects of a toxic substance many will find that they are unable to work, and will see a loss of earnings in addition to ill health.


Accident At Work Legislation

The good news is that in many cases, you can claim compensation for you toxic substance related injury.

Under health and safety and employment laws, your employer owes you a duty of care. This duty of care particularly addresses matters of health and safety at work, and employee welfare. Under those rules and regulations, you could be eligible for compensation for your workplace injury. Although your injury will be assessed in line with legal criteria and tests, two key facts remain the same regardless: the workplace accident that caused your injury must have taken place within the last three years, and must not have been your fault.

You could therefore be eligible for compensation following a workplace accident concerning toxic substances. Although no amount of compensation can ever repay ill health, it can make things easier. In some cases, merely getting an apology and admission of wrongdoing can go a long way. Talk to us at AccidentAtWorkClaims.Co today on 0161 447 9193.


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Making an accident at work claim against an employer can be quite daunting. With AccidentAtWorkClaims.Co, we fully understand that, and are here to assist and advise you throughout the whole legal process.

Our lawyers have many years’ experience in taking on personal injury cases involving toxic substances in the workplace just like yours. We will handle your case fully on your behalf, dealing with the particulars of your claim with professionalism and compassion. Our lawyers will keep you fully advised of all legal options that you might have, and the progress of your case though the courts. From first consultation to settlement, we will take the hassle and stress out of making a personal injury claim against your employer.

With AccidentAtWorkClaims.Co you can make a claim for your accident at work against your employer at little or no financial risk to yourself as we handle most of our personal injury claims under a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA). This is popularly referred to as a ‘no win, no fee’ basis of funding, meaning essentially you do not pay us anything for handling your claim until a settlement is arrived at.

If you have suffered from exposure to toxic substances at work within the last three years due to no fault of your own, contact us now on 0161 447 9193. Our team at AccidentAtWorkClaims.Co are here to help you claim the compensation you deserve.