Spinal Injury Claims

A spinal injury can change someone’s life in an instant.

The spinal column itself starts right at the base of the brain stem, and stretches down your back. A complicated structure of nerves, bones, ligaments and tissue, the spine allows your back and upper body to move around. Crucially, the spinal column protects your nerves and allows messages to be relayed around the body, allowing you to move and to use your senses. Given the intricate and often delicate nature of the spine, it can be easy to damage, which can lead to long lasting effects due to the very importance of the spine.

The average workplace, be it sitting before a computer, or heavy lifting and carrying, and most duties in between can also put unwanted pressure or strain on your spine. Despite the best possible precautions, and every attention being made in the workplace regarding health and safety- even a slight accident can result in a significant injury to your spine, bringing with it long term consequences. Given the delicate nature of the spine, and the nervous system, some spinal injuries are extremely hard to treat and cure fully.

In the workplace, there are many accidents that can happen which could give rise to a spinal injury. A simple trip, slip or fall can impact upon your spine, as could improper manual handling or heavy lifting. A jarring or jolting of your body (such as often received in sports or a car accident) can have a similar affect. Aside from those more common spinal related accidents- the nature of workplace accidents that can damage the spine are incredibly varied, as are the injuries that then arise. Nerve damage, severe sprains, spondylolysis (when a vertebrae slips over another bone), a compressed spine, fractures, and Parsonage Turner syndrome (a compression of the spinal nerves which causes pain and tingling to be felt elsewhere) are but some of the many injuries that a simple workplace accident can result in.

Many spinal injuries can damage or sever nerves; the result of that can be to severely impact on movement, or even your ability to walk. It can indeed take years to see a full recovery. During that time, intensive and very specialist medical care and treatment will be needed. Whilst recovering, a great deal of physiotherapy, occupational therapy and related care will also be required. A spinal injury can have devastating impacts –and will often impact upon your ability to work again. As a result, the very lengthy time off work needed to recover can often see a loss of earnings. This in itself will bring with it unwanted concerns and worries for your personal finances, and home and family life.


Accident At Work Legislation

UK health and safety legislation, along with the relevant employment regulations, imposes certain legal obligations and expectations upon your employer. The main liability and duty concerns the welfare and health and safety of their employees. As a result, after a workplace accident, the law is often in your favour, as in most cases your employer could be held responsible and liable. That means that you could be eligible for compensation following your accident at work that resulted in a spinal injury, provided that the accident happened within the last three years, and was not your fault. Although no money can fully compensate for the loss of your health, it can make matters easier. It may also help getting that admission of wrongdoing or an acknowledgement of negligence from your workplace.


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The thought of actually making an accident at work claim against an employer might be daunting – at AccidentAtWorkClaims.Co, our expert lawyers are here to help. After assessing your case, we will fully advise you as to all the legal options available to you, before handling the whole compensation claim on your behalf. We will take the stress and uncertainty out of claiming against your employer, and will work to get the best possible settlement for you.

Aside from our considerable expertise in personal injury law, at AccidentAtWorkClaims.Co we undertake your personal injury claim with a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA) in most cases. Popularly known as a “no win, no fee” legal funding arrangement, under a CFA you do not pay until your claim is successfully resolved. As such, you can make a personal injury claim against your employer at little financial risk to yourself.

If you have been involved in an accident at work within the last three years that left you with a spinal injury, and the accident was not your fault, then in most cases you could be entitled to compensation.   Contact the personal injury specialists at AccidentAtWorkClaims.Co on 0161 447 9193 today to discuss your personal injury compensation case.