Loss of Sight Claims

Your eyesight and full and unimpaired vision is incredibly precious. Temporary damage to your eyes or vision may cause great inconvenience; by contrast, a major eye injury resulting in a (full or partial) loss of sight can have extremely severe impact on you, your quality of life, and your family.

Aside from temporary damage to your eyes, there are many situations in the workplace where your eyesight could be greatly damaged. In some workplace scenarios, the damage to your eyes can be so great that you will never see properly again – if you retain any vision at all. Despite great efforts, many workplaces still have hazards which could damage your eyesight. It is therefore important to use PPE such as safety goggles as and when is necessary, or to take precautions to protect your eyes. Failure to take proper care and precaution- or the failure of your colleagues to do so- can result in an accident that can easily result in long lasting damage to your eyesight.

A common example is that grit or other foreign objects can damage your eyeball. Sharp objects could pierce your eyeball or cause damage to your optic nerve. In some workplaces, your job could involve handling chemicals or toxic substances which could irritate or otherwise damage your eyes. Despite the best first aid and medical care, sometimes that damage can be long lasting. Another possible cause of impaired vision can be a severe blow to the head. A knock to the head or brain can impact upon some motor skills or basic functions– such as vision.

By the intricate and delicate nature of your eyes, any injuries to your eyes or vision at work can often require extremely specialist treatment and care. The effects are often long lasting- indeed, blindness, whole or partial, can often be a result. Such damaged vision can greatly impact upon your ability to work, or to have a full family and home life. As such, an accident at work that resulted in damage to your eyes can often result in long term medical and financial issues to think about.


Accident At Work Legislation

Under modern health and safety legal requirements and the relevant employment regulations, your employer is placed under a duty of care towards the health and safety of their employees. Employers have to ensure that the workplace is a safe environment to work in, and must provide adequate safety training and safety equipment (such as PPE). The law holds your employer or site operator responsible for any accident that happened due to their negligence –providing certain legal criteria are met. Those criteria may vary from case to case, but two basic concepts remain the same; the workplace accident must have happened within the last three tears, and must not be your fault.

If that is the case, then you could be eligible for compensation following your loss of eyesight due to a workplace accident. Although admittedly no compensation can ever repay for the loss of your sight, it can make things easier. Getting an apology, and admittance of wrongdoing and negligence, from your employer can also go a long way.


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Making a compensation claim against an employer for an accident at work can be very daunting. At AccidentAtWorkClaims.Co we fully understand that; our experienced lawyers will sympathetically handle your case, and advise you as to all the legal outcomes you can expect. We will fully handle and manage your personal injury claim for you, seeking to get you the best possible settlement and outcome. Keeping you updated every step of the way, at AccidentAtWorkClaims.Co, we ultimately take the hassle and stress out of masking an accident at work claim, so you can focus recovering from your injuries.

For your reassurance, we handle most of our cases on a CFA (Conditional Fee Agreement) basis of funding. Better known as a no win, no fee funding arrangement, what that means is that you will not pay us anything until your loss of sight personal injury claim is finally settled.

If you have had an accident at work in the last three years that resulted in you losing either all or part of your eyesight, and the accident was not your fault- then get in touch with our friendly and knowlegable team at AccidentAtWorkClaims.Co.  Call on 0161 447 9193 today to discuss getting the compensation you deserve.