Inadequate Training Injury Claim

Workplaces in the UK have become much safer over the last few decades. However, in spite of an increasing awareness of health and safety at work, accidents do still happen in the workplace. According to Health and Safety Executive figures, an estimated 629,000 workers were injured at work in 2013/14 alone.

The HSE report, and other studies, shows that training is a significant factor when it comes to accidents at work. Many workplace accidents are caused, knowingly or unknowingly, by employees simply being unaware of aspects of their job; also many are caused by employees not being sufficiently trained in certain work procedures, equipment or machinery. The result of such a lack of employee knowledge or training can be to create situations at work which are dangerous, and to cause incidents by their negligence which can injure themselves or others. Sometimes, those injuries can be quite serious. They are also as varied as the workplace accidents that cause them, ranging from simple sprains from manual handling, to a broken limb resulting from a bad fall, electrocution from faulty wiring, materials falling on someone through not being properly handled or stored, or toxic chemicals endangering many in the workplace.

Following such an accident and injuries, some might need lengthy medical care or long term hospitalisation. Many visits to doctors or specialists might be required, as might certain medication, or long term care. Some injures could have long lasting damage, or be so serious that your ability to work might be severely impacted upon. Whilst recovering from your injuries, you will often need time off work –and have a loss of earnings as a result. That in itself can bring unwelcome concerns for your home or family life.


Accident At Work Legislation

Under modern health and safety legislation, and the relevant employment laws and regulations, employers owe their employee a duty of care. This is particularly so where health and safety at work is concerned.

Part of that legal responsibility concerns adequate training. Employers are legally required to ensure that all employees are sufficiently and adequately trained in their duties, and in any equipment or machinery that is used. Employers are similarly legally required to provide employees with colleagues who are reasonably competent and suitably qualified- and who have received appropriate training. In other words, employees are hired who will act in a safe and correct manner in the workplace.

If those legal obligations are not met, and an accident is the result- then you could be eligible for compensation. The requirements are that the workplace accident must have happened within the last three years, and must not have been your fault.


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We handle most of our cases with a CFA- Conditional Fee Agreement. Popularly referred to as a ‘no win, no fee’ funding agreement, under a CFA, essentially you do not pay us until a settlement is agreed at.

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