Forklift Accident Claims

In work environments involving heavy goods or construction, industrial vehicles like forklift trucks, are abundant. Despite the versatility, efficiency and usefulness of forklift trucks (FLT’s) and similar vehicles, those very vehicles designed to assist can actually cause danger and harm. Health and Safety Executive figures show that accidents and incidents involving FLT’s are amongst the highest numbers of Workplace Transport Injuries (WPT). Accidents involving FLT’s account for an astounding 24% of WPT’s overall- that is more than cars and HGV’s combined.

In some industries, though, FLT’s and similar vehicles are vital and essential. However, operating and driving such vehicles requires certain knowledge and skills. As such, it is a requirement that FLT drivers are qualified, and adequately and sufficiently trained. Despite that, many accidents have occurred in which it was revealed that the driver did not have the correct qualification.

Aside from training, qualifications and supervision, FLT accidents can be reduced by a number of common sense measures. PPE such as hard hats and safety boots, high visibility jackets being worn, sufficient signs and efforts made to alert employees, contractors and visitors as to FLT operations and the risks around them can help address the issue of accidents. All employees taking due care and attention whilst FLT’s are in operation, and taking collective steps to minimise the risk, can help, as can restricting access to those who do not need to be there- such as members of the public.

In such industrial work environments, with their own pressures and limitations, and operating demanding and often cumbersome FLT’s, it is only too easy for workplace accidents to occur. Taking in to account the restricted vision of the FLT driver, the noisy environment they are working in, and the nature of the tasks they are routinely engaged upon, this is not surprising. The nature of those accidents can be very varied, but traditionally centre around the instability of the FLT, broken or unstable ground, reckless or negligent driving, or an unstable load. Push throughs can also be a source of accidents; this happens when a FLT driver attempts to pick up a load from one side of a warehouse or factory racking or similar, and accidentally actually ends up pushing heavy objects off the other side.

The result of an accident involving FLT’s can be to leave someone with some pretty severe or even life changing injuries. A point to bear in mind is that those injured from such accidents are not just the operators themselves; a staggering 60% of injuries involving industrial vehicles were received by others, such as marshallers, loaders and bystanders.

The result of accidents at work involving forklift trucks can be long lasting. In some cases, there could just be a few cuts or bruises or sprains. However, at the other end, an accident could result in crushed limbs, broken bones, or life threatening conditions. Specialist medical care and treatment are often required following an accident involving FLT’s, and a lengthy period of recovery. Visiting doctors and specialists, receiving courses of medical treatment can all result in a great deal of time of work being necessary to fully recover. Additionally, in some cases, the injury might be such that any return to work could be problematic. During that time off work, your finances will suffer accordingly, creating unnecessary stress and concerns over finances, and home and family life.


Accident At Work Legislation

Following and accident at work involving FLT’s or a similar industrial vehicle, in many cases, you can claim compensation for your injuries.

Under employment and health and safety laws, employers owe their employees a duty of care. This is particularly so concerning employee health and safety and welfare. Although your injuries sustained in a workplace accident will be assessed to see whether certain legal tests and criteria are met, to make a claim the key factors are essentially that the accident was not your fault, and it occurred within the last three years.

After a workplace accident involving a forklift trucks, you could be eligible for compensation for your injuries. Although no compensation can ever recompense you for the loss of your heath or mobility, it can make things easier for you. Indeed, in many cases seeking and getting an apology from your employer, and an admittance of their negligence and wrongdoing, can in itself go a long way.


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At AccidentAtWorkClaims.Co, we also handle most of our personal injury cases with a CFA- Conditional Fee Agreement. Better known as a ‘no win, no fee’ basis of legal funding, under a CFA, you do not pay us anything for taking on your accident at work claim until a settlement has been arrived at. In addition to our expertise, claiming compensation following your workplace accident with us means that you can do so at no or little financial risk to yourself.

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