Dangerous Machinery Accident Claims

The modern workplace increasingly relies upon machinery: be it a virtual reality setup at a computer firm or a heavy power drill in a dockyard, or wires and plugs for the electrician, most industries rely on machinery or tools, of varying size and complexity.

Although designed to help and assist in the workplace, those machines can actually become a danger and a threat to those using them, and those around them. Although such a risk is inherent in every industry, from hairdressers to newspaper offices, this is particularly so in traditional “heavy” industries, such as factories, where heavy machines or industrial tools are a standard part of the workplace.

A common cause of machinery related workplace accidents is essentially employee negligence. Failing to adequately maintain the machinery properly, or otherwise look after it, or failing to use it properly and safely can result in a workplace accident. Not securing or switching off the machinery properly, be it a circular saw or mechanic’s tools, can also result in accident.

Further, incorrect handling, maintenance and storing of such machines can also lead to accidents- and some horrific personal injuries. Crushed fingers, sprains, burns- the list of the outcomes of a personal injury involving machinery is endless. The injuries can be devastating, and result in long term hospitalisation. Lengthy and specialist medical care might be needed, or a course of medication. During this time of recovery, the nature of many machinery related injuries can easily mean that the employee is unable to work. This can result in worries over personal finances, and the family, on top of coping with the personal injury.


Accident At Work Legislation

In many cases, the events that cause the accident are often not your fault. When machinery is involved, quite often an accident may be due to the negligence or insufficient training from another employee or the employer. That is important – because if that is the case, then you might be able to get compensation for your workplace accident. Under health and safety and employment law, your employer has a duty of care regarding health and safety in the workplace. If health and safety is breached, by the negligence of either your employer or a colleague, then in most cases your employer will be held legally liable and responsible. Employers are legally obliged to provide machinery in the workplace that is fully defect free and fully in line with health and safety regulations. Employers are also obliged to provide adequate and sufficient training and the relevant PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for use while operating the machinery.

As such, following your workplace accident involving machinery, of whatever type or size, you could be eligible for compensation. If the accident happened within the last three years, and was not your fault, then you can make a claim.


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At AccidentAtWorkClaims.Co, we have many years’ experience in handling accident at work claims just like yours. Our specialist lawyers will sympathetically handle your claim, and fully explain all and every legal option open to you. We understand that making an accident at work claim against can employer can be stressful and daunting. We will handle the whole claim on your behalf, and will work to get you the best possible settlement. Advising you every step of the way, we will take all the hassle and stress out of your personal injury claim following an accident at work involving machinery.

Further, we deal with most of our cases under a CFA (Conditional Fee Agreement) model of funding. More popularly called a ‘no win, no fee’ funding arrangement, this means that essentially you do not pay us anything unless you win your case.

If you suffered in an accident involving machinery at work, which was not your fault and it took place within the last three years- contact our personal injury experts at AccidentAtWorkClaims.Co on 0161 447 9193 today to see whether you could claim compensation for your injuries.

No amount of compensation can ever adequately recompense you for the loss of your health – but compensation can help. Indeed, actually going to court, and getting an acknowledgement of wrongdoing from your employer, or an apology for their negligence, can go a long way. After an accident at work that involved machinery, the law is often there to support you. It is worth getting in touch to discuss the nature of your claim even if you are unsure.