Construction Site Accident Claims

Going to work on a construction site can be extremely dangerous, by its very nature. Heavy manual and industrial labour, long hours, working on scaffolding, working at heights, lifting and carrying, and operating heavy, complicated machinery all unfortunately give rise to plenty of opportunities for accidents at work. Further, industrial vehicles such as forklifts and cranes also carry with them serious risks- see our separate dedicated section on Forklift Accident Claims.

A Health and Safety Executive report found that 2012/13 saw over 27% of fatal accidents and very serious injuries in the workplace in the UK occurring on construction sites. Despite employing only 5% of the UK workforce, those figures made construction the most dangerous industry to work in. The same HSE report also noted that the construction industry had seen 1,913 major injuries in 2012/13, with many more construction workers injured severely enough to need over a week off work.

Breaking down those figures, the HSE found that falls from heights accounted for 59% of construction fatalities, and 28% of construction injuries. Machinery related accidents and manual handling also accounted for a large number of injuries and incidents. On a construction site, even a simple trip or slip can result in a potentially serious injury: 2012/13 saw 28% of all trips and slips in construction resulting in such serious injuries. Cabling and heavy wires also carry with them a risk of getting entangled or a risk of electrocution. Working on scaffolding or raised platforms also carries with it its own risks the HSE found; see our section on Scaffolding Injuries.

It is not just construction workers. Those employed in other, specialist, roles are equally at risk. Joiners, fitters, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, etc: all of them fulfill a vital and niche role on a construction site. All such roles are at risk of personal injury. The electrician can be electrocuted due to damaged or faulty wiring, the carpenter could hurt themselves with an industrial saw, or the mechanic can get trapped in heavy machinery.

The inherent dangers of construction sites means that workplace accidents can be extremely serious and varied. Crushed limbs, broken bones, lacerations, sprains and electric shocks are but some injuries common to the construction industry. Some serious accidents could leave those injured with head injuries, or long term medical conditions. In some cases, amputation could be required. Some medical conditions and injuries arising from an accident on a construction site can result in a need for long term hospitalisation or specialist medical treatment. Occupational therapy or physiotherapy might be needed to aid recovery. That recovery can in itself be a long and arduous road in many cases and many construction workers may not be able to work during that period. This can have an unwelcome impact upon personal finances, and home and family life.


Accident At Work Legislation

Under the relevant health and safety legislation, and employment laws and regulations, your employer owes you a duty of care regarding health and safety at work. Under those regulations, following an accident on a construction site that resulted in personal injury, you could be eligible for compensation – if the accident was not your fault. It also needed to have happened within the last three years.

Admittedly no compensation package can ever be a substitute for your former good health, but it can be quite useful as you recover. Additionally, in some cases an admittance of wrongdoing and negligence from your employer, and an apology, will go a long way.


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AccidentAtWorkClaims.Co also handle the majority of cases under a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA). Better known as a ‘no win, no fee’ arrangement, a CFA means that you will not pay anything until a final settlement and verdict is arrived at- in your favour.

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