Burn & Scald Injuries

Surprisingly, the average workplace contains many risks and situations that could result in someone receiving a serious burn or scald. In many heavy industries like construction or manufacturing, the risk of being burnt is only too real. The nature of the job, the equipment (blowtorches, etc) and the heavy machinery used (e.g. industrial saws generating sparks) create a work environment where a burn injury could occur by accident.

It is not just in heavy industries. In an office, it is easy to receive electrical burns from a computer. In a restaurant kitchen, grills, boiling sauces and hot dishes lend themselves readily to causing burns and scalds.

Many workplaces and settings carry with them a risk of employees or contractors being burned. Studies done show that the most common workplace causes of burns or scalds are:

  • Overflowing liquids (such as hot or boiling water)
  • Being splashed by hot liquids, sauces and water
  • Burns from chemicals, alkalis or acids.
  • Clothing catching fire
  • Electrical scalds (often from faulty equipment)

That list is by no means exhaustive. With that risk in mind, it is important that all necessary precautions are taken in the workplace to minimize the risk of burns and scalds.

Burns and scalds themselves can leave long lasting effects. Apart from the initial burn itself, a serious burn can result in disfigurement, or other serious personal injury. In some cases, plastic surgery or skin grafts might be required. Following a significant scald or burn, hospitalisation can be required or at least lengthy visits to specialist doctors or a GP. Recovering from a burn or scald be painful – and long term. During that long road to recovery, a person’s ability to work can be impaired, or extensive time off work might be required, resulting in a loss of earnings. This can impose a strain upon your finances, and that of your family.


Accident At Work Legislation

Your employer owes you a duty of care under health and safety legislation, and employment law. Under those laws and regulations, you could be eligible for compensation for your burn or scald, if several legal criteria are met. Although the relevant legal tests vary from accident to accident, the two key elements are always the same: the accident must have happened within the last three years, and the accident at work was not your fault.

Although no amount of compensation can ever repay you for the loss of good health, compensation can make things easier. In some cases getting an apology from your employer, or an acknowledgement of their negligence, can go a long way.

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