Broken Limbs Injury Claims

Broken bones are a fairly common personal injury received from a workplace accident. The exact nature of the break itself can vary. The broken limb can be a simple and clean break or fracture requiring nothing more than rest, time off work, medical treatment and a cast-or the fracture can be a lot more serious, and bring with it added complications. After the cast is removed, and the break is healed, there can still be long term damage done to bone, tissue and ligaments.

The medical profession puts broken limbs into three different types of fracture:

  • Hairline A clean break, but the fracture did not go all the way through the bone
  • Simple A clean break- which goes all the way through to the bone. The bone does not puncture the tissue or skin
  • Compound The broken bone physically pierces the skin and tissue

Simple and hairline fractures often mend quite easily, indeed sometimes quickly. By contrast, compound fractures regularly take months of medical care and treatment to fully heal. Sometimes even skin grafts or similar are needed.

Broken bones are usually very painful, requiring a lot of time to heal completely. Everyday life can be a struggle during that time, with the nature of the personal injury affecting everyday routine; lifestyle adjustments might be necessary, sometimes for a very long time. In most cases, time off work will be needed for the broken limb to mend and heal. Some cases might need specialist treatment, or physiotherapy or occupational therapy after the cast is removed. With time off work, and time needed for doctors, there is usually a loss of earnings. Aside from the injury itself, such financial pressures can be an unwelcome worry to you and your family.


Accident At Work Legislation

Your employer owes you an automatic and implied duty of care under health and safety legislation, and employment law. In most cases, your employer can be held liable under employer’s liability for any workplace accidents. As such, you might be eligible for compensation following a workplace accident that resulted in a broken limb.

The law is often on your side following a workplace accident; in most cases, provided that the accident happened within the last three years, and was not your fault, you can make a claim for compensation for your broken limb. Admittedly, though, no amount of compensation can ever repay you for the inconvenience and pain of a broken limb, or any long term medical conditions that might arise. However, compensation can help, and your employer acknowledging their negligence and wrongdoing, can also go a long way.

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